As industry grows so does the demand for water , an important natural resource for which many sectors like farming, irrigation, sanitation and human consumption have been competing to  garner as much possible.  The demand for water is increasing day by day, so is the cost recycling of industrial wastewater to meet the growing demands of the industry  the only way out is to recycle and reuse industrial effluents, by purifying them to levels that render is reusable for a particular process, however the same has to be done keeping in mind the economic viability or the cost to benefit ratio, that drives businesses, world wide.

At Zero Discharge Systems we have always believed that it is very easy to design and sell equipment , however the crux lies in operating and maintaining the equipment at the customer’s premises on a 24X7 basis, and delivering the results consistently on a day to day basis for years together.

The company began its operations in the year 2000 operating and maintaining , a RO installation running on wastewater.  Since then more than 20 industrial scale utilities have been under our management, being operated and maintained  on a 24X7 basis,   our expertise lies in providing not only technical manpower to run industrial utilities but also in bringing along with this, an engineering expertise required to enhance and optimize the performance of these utilizes and increase life of equipment.

With time our scope of business has grown from Operations and Maintenance, to erection  and commissioning of  water recycling / reclamation plants based on Reverse Osmosis.  We continue to use the Best Available technologies required for the purpose.  With growth has come the added responsibilities of Total Water Management,  with a focus on wastewater recycling,  today we have installations where more than 95% of industrial effluent is recycled back as process water for use in cooling towers,  boilers, and other equipment.  Saving not only a valuable natural resource but also money for the client.  To achieve this goal a combination of technologies like reverse osmosis,  multiple effect evaporation,  etc are combined with specialized engineering expertise to deliver results on 24X7 basis.