We are the one of the leading  facility management contractors for wastewater / effluent /sewage , recycling and reuse projects.  We combine an effective mix  of products and services, to recycle highly polluted effluent or sewage 

We are based in the city of Baroda in the State of Gujarat , for over 10 years now we have been operating and maintaining, RO  plants for Industrial effluent water recycling , and Multiple effect evaporation plants.

Although we  specialize in recycle of industrial wastewater with a combination of reverse osmosis and multiple effect evaporation.  Our expertise lies in industrial wastewater filtration,  especially difficult to treat type of industrial wastewaters,  we are now branching out into management of water and wastewater treatment facilities and  design ,supply, errection and operation and maintenance of ETP, STP,  and Reverse Osmosis Plants, and Multiple Effect Evaporation plants

Our core strength remains facility management of water recycling utilities, like UF/ RO.